Encore Karaoke Etiquette


Okay, first we are a bar – go figure!

Please make a drink purchase (alcohol or non, or a specialty drink that one of our bartenders dreams up!) otherwise you are not a patron and not eligible to sing or be at Encore for entertainment.


At our discretion, there is a $60 non-refundable cleanup fee for bringing in food.


Select a song from one of the songbooks.

Print your name, song title and song number legibly on the song request form. Give the song request to the karaoke host (KJ).

Just remember, if you’ve had a couple drinks already, “legibly” may take on a whole new meaning…..concentrate….on second thought, if you have trouble writing, you should re-consider singing!


No more than one (1) song request in at a time.

When your name is called to sing, bring up your next song request – no fake names (aka “Kenny & Dolly” – we have that one figured out!).



Average song duration is four (4) minutes. Expect a maximum of fifteen (15) songs in an hour.
Glance around the room…if there are fifteen (15) or more people waiting to sing, you can count on at least an hour’s wait.


Encore attracts a wide array of people and can have an eclectic mix on any given night.

We love it and that’s what we want. We’re about more than tolerance, Encore is about respect.

Nevertheless, we reserve the right to be rude to anyone on an “as needed” basis, but rudeness to employees or other patrons will not be tolerated. Just be Zen and enjoy the environment if the wait to sing is long.

If you act up, the KJ can make sure you don’t sing, put you back further in the rotation or have you removed from the bar. At the same time, if you experience unpleasantness while visiting, please let the KJ know or ask for the Manager on Duty.


Be a good audience member!

Talent varies. Please be courteous to everyone and applaud all efforts. Remember, you will want the same consideration!


Swinging the microphone is VERBOTEN.

"If you're caught swinging, you won't be singing!” Be gentle with our equipment and for goodness sake DO NOT DROP the microphone!


Use the beverage holder provided on the microphone stand.

Do not "slosh" your drink all over the performing area. A wet, slick floor is hazardous to yourself and other performers.


Continue to make beverage purchases at the bar as you are participating in the karaoke experience.


Please tip, whenever possible, your karaoke host.

The KJ provides invaluable services such as: best song selection, extensive knowledge of our song holdings, changes in your song selection and adjustment of the key (up or down). We recommend a dollar per song, but you’re welcome to give more!